Over the last year, we have been brought face to face with the wrath of a pandemic, the fragility of human life and the critical importance of sustaining ecological balance. The past two centuries of the industrial age brought us to the present. We accumulated material wealth, depleted natural resources and created a world of unbalanced opportunity. We stand at the precipice of an incredible chance to redesign a future that can harness enterprise and innovation in a better way, creating new progress and opportunities for all.

As the home of the world's largest democracy, youngest work force and one of the fastest-growing economies, India is in a unique position to use its collaborative ethos to bring together leading voices from all backgrounds, industries and geographies as drivers of vital change.

About India Global Forum

India Global Forum

India Global Forum (IGF) is a journey to collectively create actions across disciplines by bringing together leaders from around the globe. A place where the curiosity of a scientist, imagination of an artist, acumen of a corporate leader, scaling capacity of a policymaker and sensitivities of a social entrepreneur can come together. In doing so – we have created a forum where exponential wealth creation can go hand in hand with equitable and just living.

Whether you are a global company with interests in the Indian market, an Indian company with increasing international operations, a business leader, policymaker, or a changemaker looking to influence policy or perspectives, or someone passionate about India and the wide and deep networks that IGF provides, there are multiple ways in which you and your organisation can benefit by becoming an IGF member.